Have you been injured at work?

Often times an injury at the workplace can be a scary and complex situation. You may be experiencing pressure from your boss to go back to work or not to file a claim. Maybe a doctor at the clinic your employer sent you to does not believe you are injured or simply wants to discharge you without receiving appropriate care. Whatever the reason, without an attorney to fight on your behalf, you are left on your own to fight for your rights against an insurance company with an army of lawyers that want nothing more than to minimize cost and care.

Have you missed work due to your work injury?

Did the insurance company pay you for the time you missed work due to your injury? Are you receiving payments at the appropriate rate? Is the insurance company sending you paperwork to get a Qualified Medical Examination (QME)? Don’t know what to do? Don’t know what a Qualified Medical Examination is, or whether you are entitled to benefits? Get the Law Offices of Nadeem H. Makada to step in, take control and manage your case to its conclusion. We will make sure that you receive each and every benefit you are entitled to by law. We are not afraid to fight–no issue is too small. Take your case out of the hands of the insurance company and let an experienced attorney fight for your rights.

Has your work injury been Denied?

An injured worker with a denied claim has little or no power to receive treatment or benefits. At the Law Offices of Nadeem H. Makada we take denied claims and fight to get them accepted. We will assist you with receiving treatment during the process of getting the claim accepted. Do not sit by without treatment waiting for the insurance company to change their mind. Insurance companies and sometimes even employers do not always play by the rules. Let an experienced attorney fight for your rights and get your claim accepted.

Does your employer not have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Under California law, every single employer must carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. If you get injured while working you are entitled to benefits—that’s the law. Did your employer tell you to go to the hospital and not mention that you were injured at work? Did your employer refuse to tell you who their insurance carrier is? Contact the Law Offices of Nadeem H. Makada immediately and we will assist you with your claim. The State of California has specific benefits that are available to injured workers whose employers are uninsured. Receiving these benefits is a complicated and time consuming process. Let an experienced attorney navigate the system and fight for your rights. Don’t let an employer who has broken the law try to bully you away from the Workers’ Compensation benefits that you are entitled to.